Our Data Futures

Who we are

We’re a 100% volunteer run organization looking to hear from all Torontonians:

  • how does digital data affect your everyday life?
  • Do you know how data is affecting your daily life?
  • Would you like to learn more about how data is affecting you everyday?

The people of Toronto need a grassroots way to participate in modifying the rules of data governance.


What we've been up to so far...

Mar 2020

Building this website

Feb 2020

First pages published… :)

Reached 60 volunteers

Jan 2020

First interview outside of Civic Tech Toronto hacknights

  • Domain Acquired
  • Specialty teams defined
  • Outreach
  • Tech
  • Content & Strategy

Dec 2019


Nov 2019

Interview Questions v1 defined

First Toronto Citizen interviewed at CivicTech

Oct 2019

Problem Statement defined

Decided on name: Our Data Futures

Reached 50 volunteers

Sept 2019

Did research on the data governance problem space (reviewed articles)

Examined Critical System Heuristics and used the framework to determine the purpose, audience and measurement of success for our project

Aug 2019

Research - articles reviewed

Explored Data Governance landscape

June 2019

Launched the Our Data Futures project