Our Data Futures

Privacy Policy

What data we collect

The personal information we process about you and how we collect it can vary depending on what features of this website you use.

These website features collect data when they are used:

  • Contact forms
  • Google forms

Contact form data

If you contact us via our contact form, we will collect the following information:

  • Email address
  • Message body
  • Date and time submitted

Google form data

If you fill out any of our Google Forms survey, we will collect any information you actively enter into fields, as well as:

  • Date and time submitted
  • Answers to Survey questions

All of our Google Forms are also subject to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What we do with data

How we store your data

Contact Forms

Data collected from our contact form is stored in our email account.

Google Surveys

Data collected from our Google Forms are stored in a Google Drive account, with access restricted to a small group of team members.

How we process and use your data

Survey and form data may be processed through analytics tools to help us better understand the community. This is done by processing survey responses, interview transcripts, and other collected data for trends.

How we share your data

We do not share emails from our contact form outside of the Our Data Futures team. Access to the email account is given to a small group of team members, to ensure we can respond to your requests.

How we protect your data

We anonymize data prior to using them for any analytics or trend analysis.

Access to all Our Data Futures resources are restricted to a small group of team members. Access is only granted when information is necessary for project functions.

Tools used by Our Data Futures are carefully vetted and selected based on trustworthiness and reputation in the tech community with a strong bias for respecting privacy and retaining minimal information, or anonymized information.

Your privacy rights

Should you wish to remove any records from past communications or interactions with OurDataFutures, you can request for any information pertaining to you to be deleted.

Contact Info

Please reach out via ourdatafutures@gmail.com